Saturday, May 29, 2010

Telugu film - Golimar

How is it - No boring at all...good Action film with little bit of romance. Go and Watch it.
Screenplay: Very good
Writing about screenplay before hero and director. Director has worked a lot on the screenplay and that shows on the screen.  It has all the integrants of a good commercial film with very tight screenplay (action, drama and little bit of romance) making the film watchable by fans as well as regular cinema goers.

Director Puri Jaganath: Back to his original style
Not everyone can make commercial films keeping the image of the hero as well as collections.  Puri from the beginning is very good in handling the hero characterization and he has done it again.  The script in his previous films like Buggigadu and Ek Niranjan was not so good and tight.  This film has good screenplay, right turns/twists, love, action with neat dailogue but missing is the comedy.  The love track between hero and herione is well directed.  There is something that director Ramgopal Varma has to learn from this film. Varma is no doubt one of the best directors in the country but when u have regular flops, then u have to fall back on formula based films for success.  Hindi film “Ab Tak Chappan” was poor at box office but with the same story, Puri made into a commercial hit.
Hero Gopi Chand: Perfect
I think this is his best performance after ‘Okkadunnadu’ and ‘Ranam’.  He is perfect for this role.  Acting, dresses, stunts, dailogues and dances are all picture perfect.

Herione Priyamani: Good
Jolly type of role.  Done well but has to take care of hair styles which covers her whole face.  Over weight...Yes.

Roja is perfect.  Her dialogues are really good.  Would like to see her in more films.
Nazar: thought small role... good

M S Narayana: Super O Super
He is superb in this film so are his dialogues.  His role brings little bit of enjoyment (typically Puris) in a very serious movie.

Music by Chakri:
Disappointed. Leaving one melody songs in the second half which reminds me of a song from "Nennethe" film.  Chakri voice is also growing like his body size.  First song’s lyrics are good. 

Photography – Shyam K Naidu: Excellent
I think first song in the film is shot with some type of “Sepia” color or something like that but looks different.  In last song, lighting effects in the background (using very thick colors) is good.  But the best Picturization is the slow song where “Close shots with Wide angles” are really really excellent (taking this type of shots is really difficult). I think I will be watching this song many more times to learn few things about photography.  Excellent work, Shyam K Naidu.

Most enjoyable part of the movie: Dailogues between Gopichand and M S Narayana
At the beginning of the film, communication between Gopichand, M S Narayana and all the sequences before Gopichand becomes police is really enjoyable.  

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